Good Plan with Poor Execution – #Demonetization become #CurrencyCrisis


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Bold and Brave decision was taken by PMO of India on 8th November 2016, at 8:00 PM when our PM had given his speech and announced Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 ban. Every Indian in country and outside country was so happy at least some taken this bold step towards black money and terror funding. No doubt this was best plan. Now its been 4 days when this plan was executed and now people finding difficulties to get their money in his pocket.

Now Its clearly seen that government don’t have any plan to come out with current situation. As initially two days was committed to run ATMS and banks working properly and people will replace their money easily. Yesterday Our Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley it will take two more weeks and every think will be fine. Now, today PM was given a speech at Goa and he requested to Indians they will wait for 50 more days to see the success of this plan. If you saw his speech you will find He was more making fun of Black Money holders instead of sympathizing Indian people who is suffering from plan. Even at one point of time he used line “जिस जिस ने 2G घोटाले किये, कोयला घोटाला किया वो सब 4 हज़ार रुपए के लिए लाइन में लगे दिखाई दे रहे है”. But he forgot to add how many of these Ghotale Baaz in the Que and how many of innocent people were in the que. If you have been watching news and gone ever in Market in last 4 day you can realize how painful this decision for these innocent people. Who are working hard daily to arrange their daily needs.

Its seems that government had taken this decision in hurry and not think about post impact of this plan, Because from last 4 days all markets have been closed, people are not at all have money and time to buy products from market. Because of this the Money flow in Market was completely shut down and this will definitely impact many of innocent people.

Now we just want some action plan to come out with this situation, so that we all can celebrate the fruitful results of this #CurrencyBan Plan.