Open your arms and behold it with grace and mirth – #HappyNewYear2017

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#HappyNewYear2017 : 90 Kids must be understood what I am going to say, there was time when writing a letter or greeting card was one of the most popular way to send or share wished with someone who live in another part of the country or state. This was the time when this was the best way to reach out with your friends, teachers & relatives to get close with them through your emotions. Now time has changed and we are gradually those methods to creating memories.

Now on this last of the year 2016, I was sitting and remembering those memories when I used to create greetings from my hand and share my wishes to my love one. I just want to be star with my memories but now we have so many options to share out message or wishes to every one in any corner of the world.

2016, was one of the best year who added so many learnings & experience in my life, I got an opportunity to met many of new people in personal & professional life and each one of them added some cherry’s on my cake. Up and down are most important life of every ones life. I am sure every one of you have so many good things in your life and on this day just thanks to all the happy memories of your life and Open your arms and behold it with grace and mirth for year 2017.

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous news year, wish you all the happiness in the world and all your dreams come true.

Rakesh Sharma